Conspiracy Theories

In Bible Believing circles, conspiracy theories are a hot topic.

We all know Christians who have gone off the deep end and moved into the wilderness to “get off the grid” but have done nothing for the Lord in the last 20 years.  Obviously, there is a danger in going overboard on Conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, there is SOME profit in understanding that our understanding of the last 100 years of history makes more sense when viewed through the lens of what would commonly be referred to as “Conspiracy theories.”

One of the theories that this blog has taken a tough stand against, is the idea that Bible Believers should get involved in politics in order to try and “save ‘Merica”.  Many big shot pastors and evangelists are going around this country and acting like the Bible teaches that we should try and change the direction of this country through sending Bible school graduates to DC to try and make a difference.

If one understands the truth about this country, no one would ever teach that this country CAN be saved.  “The wicked shall be cast into hell and all the nations that forget God.”  The common illustration is a man trying to bail water out of the Titanic.  Evangelists will teach that we should at least try to save the Titanic.  This illustration is faulty because if ‘Merica is the Titanic, it is not in the process of sinking.  It is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Who would bail water at that point?  Maybe that’s a bad question because you might be able to find an evangelist that IS that stupid…

The way to prove that this country is sunk is 9/11.  If this country is so crooked that it would purposely stage a terror attack in order to force in the Patriot Act and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, then that country is not worth any effort trying to save it.

Our nation’s history is riddled with conspiracy theories that turned out to be true:

  1. Kuwaiti girl’s testimony that got us into the first Gulf War.
  2. Watergate.
  3. Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into the Vietnam War.
  4. MK-ULTRA’s mind control techniques.
  5. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
  6. The government’s advance knowledge of the sinking of the Lusitania to start WWI.
  7. The government’s advance knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor to start WWI.

That is how our government works.  The ship has sunk.

I said all that to introduce the idea that all Bible Believer’s believe in some Conspiracies.  

People will argue all day about the exact definition of a Bible Believer.  But one condition that is almost without debate is that no Bible Believer believes in the Theory of Evolution.  Some proponents of the Skip Theory (no gappers) think that the Gap Fact is a compromise, but even the most extreme believer in the Gap believes that Darwinian Evolution is a fact.

Bible Believers are forced to admit that there is a CONSPIRACY and that all the scientists of the world are working together under the auspices of the Devil in order to teach kids that men descend from monkeys.  This conspiracy’s ultimate goal (or the purveyors of this conspiracy’s goal) is to teach men that all existence is an accident and that nothing exists after death.  There is no soul because souls don’t fit into the evolutionary paradigm.  In their most open dialogue, the high priests of the religion of evolution will teach that since death is as natural as life, then there may come a time when killing men by the millions is as expedient as killing the wolves in Yellowstone or the Tasmanian Tigers.  This will culminate in the religion of the Antichrist and the deaths of so many that the Antichrist will make Hitler, Stalin, and Mao look like little kiddies.

All Bible Believers accept this conspiracy.

Another conspiracy that a Bible Believer holds to, is the conspiracy about modern Bible versions.   How in the world, modern scholars have duped the world into thinking that the Alexandrian-text type that represents less that 5% of available manuscripts represents the God honoured originals can only be labelled as a conspiracy.

Researchers Chris Pinto, David Daniels of Chick Publications, and Steven Avery are beginning to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Codex Siniaticus (Aleph) is a 19th Century forgery stolen by Tischendorf and lyingly presented as written in the 4th Century.  We now are forced to admit that modern scholarship is as corrupt on Bible manuscripts as it is on Evolution.  To believe contrary to the modern paradigm is to be a conspiracy theorist.  It shouldn’t bother a Bible Believer at all.

So knowing that all Bible Believers believe in some form of Conspiracy Theory, we shouldn’t be so averse to the idea that 9/11 was an inside job and that the devil rules the world through the Pope and the Pope through the Jesuits and the UN all the way down to the great puppets Obama and ole’ Trump.  We shouldn’t reject ideas like Geocentricity out of hand, but we should ask ourselves the only question that really matters, “What saith the Scripture?”

This should make you want to stay out of politics and science and move closer to the Lord Jesus Christ in desiring and praying for his soon return.



I Believe the Gap Fact

This statement makes me seem like a great compromiser to the modern Independent Baptist who gets his information from Ken Ham and Kent Hovind.  We should not be so shallow.  We shall use our brains and check the Scriptures.  Let me unequivocally state the fact that I do not believe the theory of Evolution.  I read the standard creationist literature in order to observe the falsehood of the garbage put out by the God-hating evolutionists.  But when it comes to checking the scriptures, the average creationist (and the Independent Baptists who reads only their material) has no more insight into the scriptures than the average college educated atheist.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I used to believe that the so called “Gap Theory” was a compromise with evolution.  But I was stuck in my school room in Pensacola and I had to listen to the arguments of the “Gappers” instead of blindly ignoring their ideas.  I realized that the Gap Fact answered questions that I had never even thought about before.  Like: “When did Lucifer fall?” Or, “Where did the darkness come from?”  I had not even thought of these questions, much less found an answer to them.  I was too busy accusing the “Gappers” of being compromisers.  Now, I accuse the people who do not believe in the Gap of believing the “Skip Theory.”  I have observed that modern creationists SKIP the first verse of the Bible and start at verse 2.  Any theory involving “skipping” a verse and not applying it is a heretical theory.  Evidence that modern creationists SKIP the first verse will be provided shortly and so will many facts that Lucifer, the anointed Cherub that covereth, fell before Genesis 1:2.

I have already provided irrefutable evidence that the KJB is superior to any Hebrew or Greek manuscript.  Another example will be used to help demonstrate the Gap Fact.  Look at the first verse of Genesis 1.  See the word, “heaven”?  That word is plural, or at least dual, in number in the Hebrew.  The KJB translators translated the word in the singular.  This goes against the NKJV, NLT, NIV, ESV, HCSB, NASB, NET, RSV, ASV, YLT, and a few hundred more English translations I am sure.  This ground has already been covered, but again I ask the question, “How can a man use both the Hebrew and the KJB when they contradict?”  The reason this is important is that God is showing that, originally, he only created ONE heaven.  Well, now we have 3 heavens (plural).  How did we end up with 3 heavens?  The Gap Fact explains this.  The Skip Theory pretends this is not an issue and runs to the “original Hebrew.”  God made the 1st and 2nd heaven after he drowned the universe out after Lucifer fell.  This happened during the Gap.  That is where the “water” came from and also where the “darkness” came from.  This confounds the modern creationists but is clearly explained by the Gap Fact.  Mainly, these issues are skipped by the modern creationists.

These lists come from a study of the Gap by a man named Greg Kedrovsky.  If you want a further explanation, listen to his multipart series on the Gap.  This is evidence that there was a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  Let’s start with “Four Observations” on Genesis 1.

  1. Evolution is not an option. God “created” the heaven and the earth, it did not just happen and it did not just evolve.
  2. “In” the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Therefore, since Lucifer (Satan) fell “from” the beginning, we must place his rebellion sometime after the original creation of Genesis 1.1, not before (there was nothing before, only God alone).
  3. In the beginning, God “created”; He did not “make.” There is a distinct difference between those two words and we must take that into account.
  4. How does God create things? He makes them beautiful, ordered, perfect, full of light, and awe-inspiring even for angels who are in His presence daily.


And here are 10 reasons that there MUST be a Gap between the first two verses of the Bible. The subpoints are my points and the main points are from Greg Kedrovsky.  

  1. The Polysyndeton of Genesis 1: God repeats the word “and” to draw our attention to important words and phrases.
    1. If there wasn’t something important there, the grammar of the verse would be wrong.
  2. The Words of Genesis 1.1-2: Words like “created” in verse 1 don’t go well with words like “without form and void” in verse two. Something happened!
  3. The Darkness of Genesis 1.2: If God is light and there is no darkness in Him at all, then where did the darkness come from in Genesis 1.2?
  4. The Waters of Genesis 1.2: Why is the entire creation under water in Genesis 1.2? Where did the water come from and why?
  5. The Division of Genesis 1.2: There was no division in the original creation (Gen 1.1). Division always signifies sin–the wages of sin is death, and death in the Bible is a separation (from life). Why do we see division and separation in God’s creation in Genesis 1.2 if there was no sin? Clearly there was sin!
    1. This is the only place to put Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28.  Nowhere else makes sense.
  6. The Parallelism of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2: God shows us the world that then was (Gen 1.1) and its ruin (Gen 1.2), and then the world that now is (Gen 1.3-2.25) and its ruin (Gen 3.1-6).
  7. The New Testament and the Testimony of the Christian: In 2 Corinthians 4:6, Paul draws a parallel between Genesis 1 and our salvation testimony. If there was no original sin in the Gap, then there was no original sin in Adam. The Bible just doesn’t work without a Gap.
  8. Sin in the Universe: Adam’s sin affected his race and the earth. Whose sin affected the rest of creation? It has to be Lucifer’s sin of rebellion during the Gap.
  9. The Existence of the Devil: There is no other logical place for the ministry and fall of Lucifer other than the Gap between Genesis 1.1 and 1.2. His was the first sin and would have caused catastrophic destruction in the whole of creation, exactly like we see in Genesis 1.2.
  10. God told Adam to “replenish” the earth: He gave Noah the same commission because Noah was to re-populate the earth after the flood. Adam, too, then was to re-populate the earth. There were creatures here before us and they filled the earth. God told Adam to fill it up again with his descendants.
    1. “Replenish” can mean fill but God uses it to mean “fill again” in Genesis 9:1.  

All of the arguments by men like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind have been answered in the book, Gap Fact, by Perry Demopolous and in the studies by Greg Kedrovsky.  This short explanation should suffice.